Vertebral Column with Pelvis on Stand: Soft Disc

Vertebral Column with Pelvis on Stand: Soft Disc
Model Description: 

This is one of the finest models of the vertebral column and pelvis that we have ever seen. It is cast from a natural specimen and is an essential tool for osteopaths, MDs, physical therapists, as well as those in sports medicine, rehab, and other therapeutic training. It is an excellent model for demonstration of spine disorders such as scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis. The vertebral column is mounted on a flexible metal spiral conduit, which makes the vertebral column extremely mobile and allows the spine to be set in any position. This model is extremely durable and meant to last for many years. What we like most about this model is how the foamed elastic intervertebral discs behave like natural discs and can be compressed and expanded to demonstrate different positions and problems.
The model includes:
Moveable iliosacral joint, removable pelvis, spinal nerves and vertebral artery
The model is push-fitted on to the stand and is easy to remove–stand is included.
Life size: 27-1/2”

Made in Germany by Erler-Zimmer

Price: $347.00
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