Selected Writings of Beryl E. Arbuckle - Now Back in Print - Sept. 2022

Selected Writings of Beryl E. Arbuckle
Beryl E. Arbuckle
American Academy of Osteopathy
Book Description: 

Dr. Arbuckle started studying with William Sutherland in 1942 and became a friend and colleague who went on to teach Dr. Sutherland's work for many years. She applied the knowledge gained from Dr. Sutherland to working with babies and children and her personal research has become a mainstay in the osteopathic literature. In her many years of teaching, she taught cranial work to Rollin Becker, Robert Fulford and many others, thus spreading and expanding the osteopathic approach used to this day. She did copious amounts of research and spent many years attending autopsies so she could understand what she was palpating. Through her dissections, she observed fiber strands running is specific directions within the dura mater which she identified as "Stress Bands". She used this understanding to expand the cranial concept and found it useful in treating both children and adults. Dr. Arbuckle was a true pioneer in the field and her work was approved and promoted by Dr. Sutherland. We consider this book to be an essential part of the osteopathic literature and feel fortunate that her work is still available. We highly recommend this book.

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