The Protoplasm of a Slime Mold, DVD

William Seifriz, Professor of Botany, University of Pennsylvania
Video Description: 

This is an absolutely stunning DVD showing the underpinnings of Life in its most primal state. This is truly “Life in Motion”. The commentary by Seifriz is brilliant and persuasive and the microscopic cinematography is years ahead of its time. In this DVD, Seifriz discusses the qualities and attributes of protoplasm and shows it streaming back and forth in a 50 second cycle that seems to defy all logic. This cycle is often compared to the cycles of Cerebral Spinal Fluid in the Primary Respiration system. If you want to understand fluid fluctuation and dynamics of the cranial system, this film will leave you with a very graphic image of the process. This DVD has been re-mastered from the original 16 mm film so the quality is much better than the other DVDs and videos that were in circulation. Running time of 27 minutes.

Price: $29.95