Osteo Cast Sagittal Cut Half Skull BC-267-H

Model Description: 

This cast allows for close inspection of nasal passages and sinus cavities, while also showing such details as foramina and grooves for branches of meningeal vessels in the interior of the cranium. The half skull is offered as a teaching tool in clinical or classroom settings allowing for health professionals to direct attention to areas normally hidden from view.

To quote from one of our medical customers: "The quality of (this skull's) anatomy is outstanding and reflects a superior process for obtaining casted material. The foramen and other channels or sinuses in this specimen are better preserved than many natural bone specimens… The cranial vault is also a fabulous reproduction with major blood vessels demarcated along the appropriate walls. The hinges on the cranial crown are properly placed and secure the cap adequately… I like the way it has been sagittally sectioned to allow for exposure for the brain stem…(and) the way the (skull) interdigitates into the skull base and Vomer. …The elevated view provided by the stand is a nice benefit. In summary, the Boneclone® (sic) is an excellent replication of the human skull that can be used for teaching purposes or display. It represents the benefits of durability and handling, without compromising the realistic anatomy. The cost savings associated with purchase of this specimen, compared to that of a (natural bone) human skull, should compel surgeons and other educators to seriously consider the Boneclone® (sic)."

Price: $447.00
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