Osteo- Cast Female Sacrum and Coccyx with Open Sacral Nerve Canal

Female Sacrum with Coccyx - Anterior view
Female Sacrum with Coccyx - Posterior viewFemale Sacrum with Coccyx - Lateral viewFemale Sacrum showing the internal nerve canal
Model Description: 

This beautifully formed sacrum and coccyx is from an adult female specimen, approximately 35 years of age. The specimen does show some intraosseos compression on the left side at S-4 and S-5 from the lateral edge to the medial portion. Other than this, it is relatively normal in that there are no extreme patterns and it gives all the indications of a healthy sacrum. This sacrum has the sacral nerve canal fully open the entire length. Most sacrum models are plugged here as it is much more difficult to do the molding process for a long internal cavity. This sacrum has been made especially for us as we felt it was imperative to have this important anatomical landmark realistically portrayed. Please hover over the picture to see the labeling and click on the photos to see a larger picture.

Price: $65.00
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