Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine, 3rd Edition

Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine, 3rd Edition
Anthony Chila D.O., Executive Editor
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Thoroughly revised for its Third Edition, Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine is the most comprehensive, current osteopathic text. This American Osteopathic Association publication defines the terminology and techniques of the field and is the standard text for teaching the profession. It provides broad, multidisciplinary coverage of osteopathic considerations in the basic sciences, behavioral sciences, family practice and primary care, and the clinical specialties and demonstrates a wide variety of osteopathic manipulative methods.

This edition features expanded coverage of international practice and includes a new chapter on the structure of the profession. Other new chapters include coding and billing and nutrition. This edition also has standard chapter formats for each section.


Table of Contents

Part I: Foundations

Section 1: Overview of the Osteopathic Medical Profession
Section Editor: Michael A. Seffinger, DO, FAAFP

Chapter 1. Osteopathic Philosophy (Seffinger, King, Ward, Jones, Rogers, Patterson)
Chapter 2. Major Events in Osteopathic History (Peterson)
Chapter 3. Osteopathic Education and Regulation (Bates)
Chapter 4. International Osteopathic Medicine and Osteopathy (Carreiro, Fossum)

Section 2: Basic Sciences
Section Editors: Frank H. Willard, Ph.D., and John A. Jerome, Ph.D., BCFE

Chapter 5. Introduction: The Body in Osteopathic Medicine – the Five Models of
Osteopathic Treatment (Willard, Jerome)
Chapter 6. The Concepts of Anatomy (Towns, Falls)
Chapter 7. The Fascial Systems of the Body (Willard, Fossum, Standley)
Chapter 8. Biomechanics (Wells)
Chapter 9. Somatic Dysfunction, Spinal Facilitation, and Viscerosomatic Integration (Patterson)
Chapter 10. Autonomic Nervous System (Willard)
Chapter 11. Physiological Rhythms/Oscillations (Glonek, Sergueef, Nelson)
Chapter 12. Anatomy and Physiology of the Lymphatic System (Ettlinger, Willard)
Chapter 13. Mechanics of Respiration (Willard)
Chapter 14. Touch (Willard, Jerome, Elkiss)
Chapter 15. Nociception and Pain: The Essence of Pain Lies Mainly in the Brain (Willard, Jerome)
Chapter 16. Chronic Pain Management (Elkiss, Jerome)
Chapter 17. Psychoneuroimmunology – Basic Mechanisms (Jerome)
Chapter 18: Psychoneuroimmunology – Stress Management (Jerome, Osborn)
Chapter 19. Life Stages – Basic Mechanisms (Magen, Ley, Wagenaar, Scheinthal)

Part II: The patient encounter

Section Editor: Felix J. Rogers, DO, FACOI

Chapter 20. The Initial Encounter (Rogers)
Chapter 21. Public Health Aspects (Aguwa)
Chapter 22. Musculoskeletal Component (Gilliar)
Chapter 23. Environmental Issues (Nevins)
Chapter 24. Osteopathic Medicine within the Spectrum of Allopathic Medicine and Alternative Therapies (McPartland)
Chapter 25. Clinical Decision Making (Cain)
Chapter 26. Professionalism (Hortos, Wilson)
Chapter 27. Mind-Body Medicine (Schubiner)
Chapter 28. Spirituality and Health Care (Rogers)
Chapter 29. Patient-Centered Model (Butler)
Chapter 30. Health Promotion and Maintenance (Osborn, Jerome, Bledsoe, Dutrow)
Chapter 31. End of Life Care (Nichols)
Chapter 32. Evidence-Based Medicine (Cardarelli, Sanderson)

Part III: Approach to the Somatic Component

Section Editors: Ann L. Habenicht, DO, FAAO, Dennis J. Dowling, DO, FAAO, Russell G. Gamber, DO, MPH, and John C. Glover, DO, FAAO

Section 1: Basic Evaluation
Chapter 33. Palpatory Examination (Ehrenfeuchter, Kappler)
Chapter 34. Screening Osteopathic Structural Examination (Ehrenfeuchter)
Chapter 35. Segmental Motion Testing (Ehrenfeuchter)
Chapter 36. Postural Considerations in Osteopathic Diagnosis and Treatment (Kuchera)

Section 2: Osteopathic Considerations of Regions
Chapter 37. Head and Suboccipital Region (Heinking, Kappler, Ramey)
Chapter 38. Cervical Region (Heinking, Kappler)
Chapter 39. Thoracic Region and Rib Cage (Hruby)
Chapter 40. Lumbar Region (Heinking)
Chapter 41. Pelvis and Sacrum (Heinking, Kappler)
Chapter 42: Lower Extremities (Kuchera)
Chapter 43. Upper Extremities (Heinking)
Chapter 44. Abdominal Region (Hruby)

Section 3: Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

(Traditional Approaches)
Chapter 45. Thrust (High Velocity/Low Amplitude) Approach (Hohner); “The Pop” (Cymet)
Chapter 46. Muscle Energy Approach (Ehrenfeuchter)
Chapter 47. Myofascial Release Approach (O’Connell)
Chapter 48. Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (King)
Chapter 49. Strain and Counterstrain Approach (Glover, Rennie)
Chapter 50. Soft Tissue/Articulatory Approach (Ehrenfeuchter)
Chapter 51. Lymphatics Approach (Kuchera)

(Contemporary Approaches)
Chapter 52. Representative Models
A. Balanced Ligamentous Tension and Ligamentous Articular Strain (Crow)
B. Facilitated Positional Release (Dowling)
C. Progressive Inhibition of Neuromuscular Structures (Dowling)
D. Functional Technique (Johnston)
E. Visceral Manipulation (Lossing)
F. Still Technique (Van Buskirk)
G. Chapman’s Approach (Fossum, Kuchera, Devine, Wilson)
H. Fulford Percussion (Yadava)

Part IV: Approach to Osteopathic patient management

Section Editors: Jane E. Carreiro, DO, Anthony G. Chila, DO, FAAO, FCA., and John C. Glover, DO, FAAO

Chapter 53. Elderly Patient with Dementia (Bates, Gugliucci)
Chapter 54. Uncontrolled Asthma (Morelli, Sanchez)
Chapter 55. Adult with Chronic Cardiovascular Disease (Kaufman)
Chapter 56. Adult with Chronic Pain and Depression(Kuchera, Jerome)
Chapter 57. Dizziness (Shaw, Shaw)
Chapter 58. Child with Ear Pain (Steele, Mills)
Chapter 59. Difficulty Breathing (Foley, D’Alonzo, Carreiro)
Chapter 60. Cervicogenic Headache (Hruby, Fraix, Giusti)
Chapter 61. Large Joint Injury in an Athlete (Heinking, Brolinson, Goodwin)
Chapter 62. Multiple Small Joint Diseases in an Elderly Patient (Heinking, Lipton, Valashinas)
Chapter 63. Lower Extremity Swelling in Pregnancy (Tettambel)
Chapter 64. Low Back Pain in Pregnancy (Tettambel)
Chapter 65. Adult with Myalgias (Foley, Wieting)
Chapter 66. Acute Neck Pain (Seffinger, Sanchez, Fraix)
Chapter 67. Rhinosinusitis (Shaw, Shaw)
Chapter 68. Abdominal Pain (Adler-Michaelson, Seffinger)
Chapter 69. Acute Low Back Pain (Fraix, Seffinger)

Part V: Approaches to Osteopathic Medical Research

Section Editor: Michael M. Patterson, PhD

Chapter 70. Foundations of Osteopathic Medical Research (Patterson)
Chapter 71. Research Priorities in Osteopathic Medicine (Degenhardt, Stoll)
Chapter 72. Development and Support of Osteopathic Medical Research (King)
Chapter 73. Biobehavioral Research (Jerome, Foresman, D’Alonzo, )
Chapter 74. The Future of Osteopathic Medical Research (Patterson)

Glossary of osteopathic terminology
Subject index

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