Fascia in the Osteopathic Field

Fascia in the Osteopathic Field
Torsten Liem, Paolo Tozzi, Anthony Chila
Handspring Publishing
Book Description: 

The book has multiple sections written by authorities in the field of Osteopathy, anatomy, physiology, physical therapy, and assorted research scientists. The aim of this book is:
• To enable osteopaths – and other manual practitioners/bodyworkers – to understand the importance of fascia and its relevance to their work…..
• By providing a comprehensive textbook covering history, nature and properties [function] of fascia…
• And covering all aspects of osteopathic management of disorders that relate to/are mediated by the fascia…..
• Using contributions from leading authorities bearing in mind so far as possible the needs and interests of osteopaths.

Contents of the book include:

Introduction Torsten Liem
Chapter 1 Objective: palpatory literacy - Anthony G. Chila
Chapter 2 Fascial concepts in osteopathic history - Jane E. Stark
Chapter 3 Nomenclature of fascia - Werner Klingler, Julia Bierbaum, Robert Schleip
Chapter 4 The embryology of fascia: providing the capacity for movement and integrity - Darrell J. R. Evans
Chapter 5 Histology of fascia - Frans van den Berg
Introduction - Torsten Liem
Chapter 6 Physiology of fascia - Frans van den Berg
Chapter 7 Fascia as a sensory organ - Robert Schleip
Chapter 8 The role of fascia in immunity and inflammation - Lisa M. Hodge
Chapter 9 Pathophysiology of fascia - Frans van den Berg
Chapter 10 The fascia as the organ of innerness: a holistic approach based upon a phenomenological embryology and morphology - Jaap C. van der Wal
Chapter 11 Fascial mechanics: the physics of anatomy and function - Serge Gracovetsky
Chapter 12 Tensegrity in the context of the myofascial network: its relevance to osteopathic practice - David J. Hohenschurz-Schmidt
Chapter 13 The myofascial system and force transmission in the fascia - Peter A. Huijing
Chapter 14 The ligamentous-myofascial system - Michael J. Decker, Bradley S. Davidson
Introduction - Paolo Tozzi
Chapter 15 General anatomy of fascia - Jean-Claude Guimberteau
Chapter 16 The superficial fascia - Antonio Stecco, Carla Stecco, Luigi Stecco
Chapter 17 Fascial anatomy of the trunk - Peter J. Brechtenbreiter
Chapter 18 Fascial anatomy of the limbs - Andrezj Pilat
Chapter 19 Fascial anatomy of the viscera - Andrea Pasini, Antonio Stecco, Carla Stecco
Chapter 20 The diaphragm - Michel Puylaert
Chapter 21 Anatomy of the dura mater - Torsten Liem
Chapter 22 The fascia of the peripheral nervous system - Michael Hamm
Introduction - Anthony Chila, Paolo Tozzi
4.1 Therapeutic considerations
Chapter 23 The abilities of fascia - Rüdiger C. Goldenstein, Patrick Van Den Heede
Chapter 24 Fascia and posture: from the biomechanical model to the neuromyofascial postural model - Paolo Zavarella, Maurizio Zanardi, Christian Lunghi
Chapter 25 Fascia as a sensory organ: clinical applications - Robert Schleip
Chapter 26 Touch related to fascia - Maurice César
Chapter 27 Myofascial trigger points, sensitization, and chronic pain: evaluation and treatment - Jay P. Shah, Nikki Thakker
Chapter 28 Nociception and pain of fascia - Wilfrid Jänig, Winfried L. Neuhuber
Chapter 29 Mechanisms of fascial dysfunction and treatment - Paolo Tozzi
Chapter 30 Ultrasound imaging of fascia and its clinical implications - David Bongiorno
Chapter 31 Myofascial meridians in practice - Thomas W. Myers
Chapter 32 The contractile field and fascia - Phillip Beach
Chapter 33 The innervation of fascial tissues: focus on thin-caliber afferents and sympathetic efferents- Winfried L. Neuhuber, Wilfrid Jänig
4.2 Manual techniques
Chapter 34 Myofascial release - Carol J. Manheim
Chapter 35 The fascial distortion model originated by - Stephen P. Typaldos George Harrer
Chapter 36 Practical application of the Still technique - Christian Fossum
Chapter 37 Soft tissue work - Laurie S. Hartmann
Chapter 38 Vibratory technique on fascial tissue - Fabio Schröter
Chapter 39 The bioenergetic model of fascia as related to trauma - Judith A. O’Connell
Chapter 40 Fascial unwinding technique - Paolo Tozzi
Chapter 41 Myofascial induction therapy (MIT) - Andrzej Pilat
Chapter 42 Strain and counterstrain in relation to fascia - John C. Glover, William H. Devine
Chapter 43 Long leverage: a ‘new’ therapeutical approach to fascia - Toscano-Jimenez, Cristina Gioja
Chapter 44 Balanced ligamentous tension technique (BLT) - Paolo Tozzi, Cristian Ciranna-Raab
Chapter 45 Fascial manipulation® and the biomechanical model of the human fascial system - Julie A. Day, Carla Stecco, Antonio Stecco
Chapter 46 Clinical integration of fascial approaches - Christian Fossum
Chapter 47 Lympho-fascia release and viscerolymphatic approach to fascia - Bruno Chikly
Chapter 48 Fascial treatment of the vascular system - Ralf Vogt
Chapter 49 Skin – the key element in palpation of fascia: from an osteosophical conceptualization to research - Jean-Marie A. T. Beuckels
Chapter 50 Jarricot’s dermalgia applied to fascia - Michel Puylaert
Chapter 51 Understanding and approach to treatment of scars and adhesions - Susan L. Chapelle
Chapter 52 Fascial taping - Kenzo Kase
Chapter 53 Osteopathic treatment of the dura - Torsten Liem
Chapter 54 The plexuses - Serge Paoletti
Chapter 55 Techniques for body cavities - Torsten Liem, Rüdiger C. Goldenstein, Patrick Van Den Heede

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