The Breath of Life Conference: London 2017 - MP-4 Flashdrive

The Breath of Life Conference: London 2017 - MP-4 Flashdrive
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The international Breath of Life Conference brings together pioneering practitioners and scientists involved in ground breaking research and the application of body-mind therapeutic approaches. It explores key factors that organize how we function, beyond just the physical form, providing a forum and meeting place for exchanging ideas at the cutting edge of holistic health. Each speaker gives an individual presentation and a panel discussion with all the speakers concludes the set.
Approximate duration is 12 hours.

1. "Heart-Brain Dynamics and the Impact of Self-Regulation on Health"
by Dr Rollin McCraty

2. "Finding the Health"
by Robert Lever D.O.

3. "The Biology of Loss: What Happens when Attachments are Impaired and How to Foster Resilience"
by Dr. Gabor Mate'

4. "Small Women, Big Ideas"
by Katherine Ukleja & Cherionna Menzam-Sills

5. "The Fourth Phase of Water: A Central Role in Health"
by Dr. Gerald Pollack

6. "The Multidimensional Wholeness of Babies"
by Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty

7. "Synchrony, Attunement and Self-Regulation: The Neurobiology of Childhood Abuse and Neglect"
by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

8. Panel Discussion with all the Speakers
Facilitated by Michael Kern


What an amazing conference! The speakers presented some of the some most innovative research material in the rapidly changing health field and left the audience with doorways to further inquiry. The presenters gave thoughtful dissertations in their area of expertise which helped the attendees expand their knowledge of the subjects in practical ways. The Panel Discussion at the end allowed the audience to interact through a question and answer format which was helpful in clarifying some of the points made by the presenters. For those of you that were not fortunate enough to attend The Breath of Life, this is a way of experiencing this important conference and gaining knowledge of the latest advances in natural health field.

Christopher & Mary Louise Muller
LifeShapes Institute

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