Awakening the Child Heart: Global Parenting - Out of Print

Carla Hannaford
Jamilla Nur Publishing
Book Description: 

"Awakening The Child Heart" is about returning to the child mind, our optimal way to learn and live in joy by living in the present and renewing deep human connection through play, music and starting with the heart rather than the head. The new scientific research around the heart influence on brain function validates the primary importance of human contact through touch and being consciously present. Lack of that primary contact elicits stress, effecting brain, physiological and psychological functioning, beginning with the foetus and embryo during pregnancy.ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, depression, autism and other emotional and learning difficulties are examined. Simple, highly effective ways to manage and cure these anomalies are presented. The most current scientific information on the profound importance of play and sound (music) for life long learning is presented and ways to relearn to truly play for the sake of our quality of life as well as learning for both children and adults. This book presents an exciting, heart opening meld of the scientific, practical and personal, written by a biologist, educator and mother.

Price: $16.95
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