Anatomy in a Nutshell, 1st Edition

Anatomy in a Nutshell, 1st Edition
William Ross Laughlin, MS, DO
Book Description: 

This classic text is now available again in a beautifully revised edition and is a welcome addition to the osteopathic literature. It was more than a century ago that this text was published and it remains as relevant today as when it first became available. The style is unlike any other anatomy text due to unique way Laughlin organized the material into a more intuitive format that is easily grasped by the reader.

Anatomic nomenclature takes on a deeper meaning because of Laughlin's interesting historic commentary. Descriptions of contiguous structures are presented in a simple question and answer format. This clear and direct approach allows for an immediate appreciation of otherwise obscure anatomic relationships; particularly useful to the practicing osteopathic physician.

Success as an osteopathic physician depends upon a thorough knowledge of structure and function. This knowledge informs the hands of the practitioner, allowing for keen perception. Accurate osteopathic diagnosis is essential for effective treatment.

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