Amazing Babies: Essential Movement For Your Baby in the First Year

Amazing Babies: Essential Movement For Your Baby in the First Year
Beverly Stokes
Move Alive Media
Book Description: 

Every parent wants their baby to be body-confident in physical activities, self-confident in social interactions, and motivated to self-mastery in learning! In this book, parents will learn how body-confident babies become dynamic explorers, delightful communicators, and successful problem solvers when they can initiate age-appropriate play and interactions in a receptive environment. This innovative book teaches parents how to create an engaging relationship with their baby through FloorPlay activities at each stage of development during their baby’s formative first year. When parents promote their baby’s freedom of movement and encourage their baby to be an active participant in social interactions and a self-motivated learner in play, they are creating a supportive environment. By better understanding their baby’s motor development and by learning to read their baby’s preverbal communication cues (body language) in everyday social interactions, parents will deepen their bonding relationship and realize what a wondrous and incredible first year it is for their baby!
Parents (and caregivers) will discover the importance of FloorPlay through the book’s many original parent-baby activities that invite their active participation and encourage their baby’s movement, communication, and learning development. Parents (and caregivers) will develop their observation skills as they learn how to set up age-appropriate explorations for their baby and create more spontaneous play interactions that expand their baby’s expressive gestures and postures in communication. This encourages babies to be content at their developmental level so they can set up their own action plans, games and goals and make their own discoveries. Self-motivated learning to mastery contributes to their baby’s developing attention span, increased self-esteem, and pleasure in learning.

This amazing first year of development sets the stage for their emerging toddler to master new movement skills, elaborate on social communication skills, and explore new adventures just around the corner.


"provides sensitive and exquisitely detailed descriptions of the changes that can be expected to emerge in infants learning to move" -- Dr.Carolyn Saarni, Ph.D. Author, The Development of Emotional Competence, Ed. Children’s Understanding of Emotion, Sonoma State, January 2002.

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